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      This is what Melbourne loves
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      Australia Combo 005

      You will love this!

      Love to Japan

      • Love Japan with - Paul Vickers Love Japan Poster

        From the whole LoveBento team, our love goes out to Japan. We created this bentobox to help all LoveBento fans send their love to Japan - starting with the talented Paul Vickers. He has a background as a creative director and global branding expert, and to show his love for Japan, Paul has created this 'Love Japan - Help Japan' Poster in aid of the Sendai Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. He's giving all proceeds from poster sales to Japan Aid via The Red Cross & Save The Children. Love.
      • Love Japan with - Mike Shinoda T-shirts via Music for Relief

        Music for Relief artists, music industry professionals, and fans have all come together to respond to Japan's deadly tsunami that caused unimaginable destruction. These limited edition T-shirts designed by talented Mike Shinoda are available now with proceeds benefiting survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A must-have.
      • Love Japan with - Lullatone Music for Japan

        We love the very sweet band Lullatone and now to help Japan they have made of all their must-have album downloads, “pay what you want”. We think this is such a great way to send your love and help to Japan. All the proceeds go to The Red Cross. Love.
      • Love Japan with - James White Help Japan Poster

        We love how James White has used his amazing creativity to help Japan, by designing the ‘Help Japan’ poster. The first batch sold out so quickly, James raised $7,000 for the Japan disaster which he donated to the Canadian Red Cross. Now the word is, he's printing a second run. So check out his blog to grab yours.
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      Australia Combo 004 - Fashion Special

      • Love hanging out at - Fashion Weekend

        WIN Tickets to LMFF's Fashion Week with LoveBento! Set to be one of our favourite sale events at this year's Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Fashion Weekend will be the place to be for amazing designer purchases. We can already picture all the clothes and accessories from Aussie designers like Arabella Ramsay, Alpha 60, Life with Bird & many more, just waiting for us.
        Sign Up Now to Win tickets!
        We have exclusive tickets to Fashion Weekend at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival to give away! To be in the draw to win tickets all you need to do is sign up to receive LoveBento straight to your inbox!
      • Love reading - MFD

        It's called the Melbourne Fashion Directory and it's becoming the fashion bible for those who like to stay in the know, as it comprises the fashion 'hit' list. One high-profile LoveBento fan told us how it's her secret weapon, keeping her connected to the fashion and production industry. Available at Mag Nation and select boutiques.
      • Love accessorising with - Kate Lancaster

        We love the ever-so-stylish 3rd year RMIT fashion student Kate Lancaster, who has just completed an 8 week internship with Alice Euphemia. When she showed us the gorgeous leather clutches she created, we instantly fell in love. Available in 3 colours with clip on ’tails’, these clutches are a must this Autumn.
      • Love looking good in - House of Maryanne Vintage

        We love Maryanne and her cute Facebook vintage shop. She left her day job to realise her dreams and we're super glad she did. Maryanne told us how much she loved the way that wearing vintage helped link to the untold stories of previous owners and bring back long lost memories. You'll want to check out the treasures she has online now. Love.
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      Australia Combo 003

      • Love design by - Decipher the Day

        We love Chrissy Lau, the talent behind Decipher the Day. She's from Yorkshire, England but now lives & draws in Sydney, Australia. Her gorgeous illustrations have been featured on Gary Pepper Vintage (which we previously featured) & stationary. There's always little treats in each design like the snow globe of the Sydney Opera House. Love.
      • Love our environment with - Add Water

        We simply love the design of this new water bottle from Australian owned business Add Water. They source their water from the NSW Southern Coast. But what you'll love even more is how they make their bottles from plants, not oils - making them 100% renewable. It's our hip-pocket favourite and one bottle that really makes a statement at the gym...trust us.
      • Love living at home with - Imandeco

        Imandeco make these hot colourful chairs. They’re durable, light-weight and simply gorgeous. Plus they’re great for both indoors and out, and super easy to move around. We love that the designer used to work for Louis Vuitton, the patterns on the chairs are so bold and bright. A must have summer balcony accessory.
      • Love being creative with - Red Button Project

        We're all guilty of carrying our shopping home in plastic bags from time-to-time. It's sad but true, sometimes a bit of impromptu shopping can ruin all plans to take the green bag out to the store. The Red Button Project is changing this, by teaching people how to make D.I.Y bags out of things like cardigans and scarves, that you're more likely to have with you when you spot something you didn't know you needed at the shops. We love the idea!
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      Australia Combo 002

      • Love looking good in - Frankie Sunshine

        We love the Frankie Sunshine online store. It's creator - Kate lives in Newcastle, NSW and is a big lover of young designers. Her motto - I want people to be able to shop with a smile on their face. So she created an online store so with great labels like This is Genevieve, Sumakhi, Totem, Fair Ground, Style Stalker, Finders Keepers, Cameo and more.
      • Love hanging out at - Dreams Come True exhibition at ACMI

        There's so much fun in reminiscing about those films we all used to watch as kids. That's why we can't wait to check out the Dreams Come True exhibition at ACMI. It's a chance to check out all of the behind-the-scenes sketches, models and art from some of Disney's most loved movies!
      • Love shopping at - Orlando and Ivy

        We love browsing for gifts (for ourselves as well as others) at Orlando and Ivy. It's a little shop on Victoria Street, North Melbourne, with a big selection of awesome and creative giftware, books, stationery, knick-knacks for the house and lots more. We love them because on cold days they even give you a cup of fresh, fruity tea to sip on while you try to restrain yourself from buying everything in the shop.
      • Love looking good in - Red Mera Vintage

        The talented Shikha from Sydney had an obsession with vintage clothing for a long time, so as little as five months ago she launched the gorgeous online eBay store Red Mera Vintage. We think it's the perfect online store to visit for Christmas presents - even if they are for yourself! Love.
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